Why Choose Us?

Jacy and his crew have over 10 years of Professional solar experience.


Our Company Envisions A World With Sustainable Food And Clean Energy For Generations To Come

Santa Cruz renewables is a family business. Owner Jacy A. Dickel, has personally set foot on many roofs, overseeing and installing over 100 systems.

Micro-Inverter Set Up

When we install your solar system, you can rest easy knowing you have the latest technology on your rooftop with the best warranty. We choose micro-inverters so that our clients can easily manage and troubleshoot system issues on their own, it's that easy.

Monitoring Made Easy

We will always ensure our clients are well versed on how their monitoring system works and how to check on your solar system to ensure it is producing exactly the way we designed it

Customer Service

We will always ensure our clients satisfaction is our #1 priority. If we say it, then we will ensure we get it done to satisfy every customer.

Dedicated Team

Our team is dedicated to getting the job done right. From the engineering plans to the PG&E paperwork. We are set up to ensure our clients get from start to PG&E NEM approved as fast as possible.

Quality Solar Equipment

We ensure that we are up to date on all the latest solar products and manufacturers. It is our job to know who has the best warranty and best product for the price.

We believe that with every client that we install a solar system for, is a potential for another 20 people to see the results and realize solar is right for them also. Solar has come a long way and is here to stay.

Our Mission

Produce Your Own Clean Energy And Save
Our Environment At The Same Time


A Solar Company Invested In Its Brand

We not only think how we operate our business is important, but how we embrace our community. Did you know that our logo was designed by none other than Santa Cruz Local Legend and Artist Jimbo Phillips. We think that it is important that we always support local business in anyway we can.

We Are Committed To Northern California

We know the value of dealing with a contractor that is local. We have been servicing Northern California for more than 10 years, we understand what the expectation is and we deliver.
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