Don R.

Santa Cruz Renewables is by far one the finest businesses I’ve done business with. Jacy was straight forward and up front, provided excellent service, and there were no surprises. Santa Cruz Renewables provided a personalized service that fit our exact needs, we got a personal phone call from Jacy before, during, and after our solar install. He answered all our questions every step of the way, regardless of how insignificant it may have seemed. I was amazed to get a random phone call a few weeks after the install, simply to ask how everything was working, if we had any questions and if there was anything that we needed assistance with. We experienced solar energy starting day one and even saw our PG&E meter go in reverse.

In addition to our initial solar install, Jacy has gone above and beyond for us, more than we could have ever expected. We wanted to add our shop to our solar system he installed. Needless to say, PG&E can be a nightmare at times and we’ve had a battle with PG&E during this process. Jacy has personally taken on this project and has jumped through hoops with PG&E as well as our county to get everything straightened out and our solar system hooked up the way we want it. Without Jacy’s guidance and assistance, we would have been lost trying to get this done.

If Santa Cruz Renewables offered other products and services, I would buy them as well. Santa Cruz Renewables is by far one of the finest businesses I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Get your solar from them, you will not be disappointed, it will be an amazing, personalized experience.

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