Purchasing A System Cash

Purchasing a solar system without the financing, definitely increases the return on your investment. Most systems installed by Santa Cruz Renewables come with a return on your money with in 5-6 years. Meaning that if a solar system is expected to last 25 years, that’s 19+ years of pure savings. Is their anything else out there you can invest in that comes with 20% returns year after year? Not even the stock market can do that for you.

Return On Investment

With a cash purchase you know you are getting the best deal. Having it installed by Santa Cruz Renewables we can ensure you get the best deal and the best installation for the price

Quickest Installation Time

With a cash purchase it is always the shortest time frame to completion. Meaning we can get your system up and running in no time at all.

On average a solar customer can save $35,200 with in a 25 year period. That’s a savings of $1,408 annually.

With every penny saved you will begin to realize how solar will change your ability to use energy more effectively and more efficiently.

The best part about going solar, is once the money returns, investing your new found wealth into whatever you want is the greatest feeling

Services We Offer

Santa Cruz Renewables Provides A Wide Range Of Services

  • Purchase a Solar Electric System
  • Purchase a Solar Pool Heating
  • Purchase a Solar Heat Pump as an Air Conditioner Alternative
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