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Imagine heating your pool with the power of the sun. Solar pool heating has been a huge savings method versus natural gas for swimming pools for many years. If you want a warm pool, but not the energy bill that comes with it, thermal pool heating is right for you.

Why Thermal Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is a fantastic way to extend the swim season for your family. It is an investment that pays for itself very rapidly, if the swimming pool is frequently used. It is a very simple process, transferring the water from your pool to your rooftop and then back to your pool, while heating it through the pipes and solar pool heating panels.

Pool Heating Made Easy

Thermal pool heating is any easy setup as long as you have the necessary roof space. Santa Cruz Renewables will discuss the details of how large of a system is required based upon the size of the swimming pool and the direction the roof faces.

We have installed more than 500 thermal pool heating systems over the last 10 years and our customers have been nothing short of pleased.

Not only is it important for us to install a high efficiency solar pool heating system, but it is just as important that the quality of the workmanship match our vision. We take pride n our installs, even down to painting pipe to match the side of the house or a rooftop.

We will always believe that customer service is the most important aspect of running a successful solar company. Communication with our clients is top priority. That’s what you can always expect from us.

Services We Offer

We specialize in all things solar. That’s our mission.

  • Pool Pump Upgrades
  • Solar Pool Heating Systems
  • Pool Automation Upgrades
  • Spring time solar pool heating inspection and tune up
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