Services We Provide

Santa Cruz Renewables will always try and provide the best in solar equipment. We do not want our clients having to worry about servicing their system on a frequent basis. We want to provide a quality system with quality results.

Warranties Matter

We utilize reputable manufacturers to ensure our clients always get the best solar product available. We will always try and provide the best warrantied product in the marketplace today. This ensures our clients have a long lasting solar system with minimal issues.

Not all solar equipment is created equal

Santa Cruz Renewables will always use quality solar brands. Such as: Maxeon, Panasonic, Solaria & Enphase Micro-Inverters

I know this seems obvious, but we truly will not compromise the quality of the solar product we install for the sacrifice of a system that is inexpensive and will not last

We do not install complicated DC solar systems, with all the extra wiring an all the issues with a central inverter. We use state of the art microinverter technology. Easier to install, easier to monitor, easier to replace and easier to troubleshoot. Are you starting to get the picture?

Our solar product we offer comes with some of the best warranties in the game. We don’t want to just sell you a solar system. We need to make sure the warranty is as good as the product itself.


Solar Equipment We Offer

Better solar equipment is the difference between having a great solar experience for the next 20 years, or having one of the worst experiences of your life. Not all solar is created equal. Let’s have a discussion about what solar product is right for you.

  • Enphase IQ8 Micro-Inverter Series
  • Enphase Encharge Home Battery Storage Solution
  • Panasonic Solar Panels
  • Maxeon Solar Panels
  • Qcell Solar Panels
  • Jinko Solar Panels
  • Silfab Solar Panels
  • Solaria Solar Panels
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